EURO-BOZON (European Warning Database of Foreign Supervisory Authorities)

Here is access to the API and technical documentation:

The List aggregates publicly available information posted by foreign supervisory authorities on entities operating using the Internet.

The aggregated information may also specify the time of publication of a warning, if provided by a foreign supervisory authority.

Particular caution is advised in dealing with entities on the List.

IMPORTANT: the UKNF does not examine the legal basis or factual circumstances for the inclusion of an entity on a given list by a foreign authority.

Information within the List is subject to periodic updates. Non-accessibility of websites may be caused, for example, by expiration of website hosting and is beyond the UKNF’s control. We encourage you to send to any information that may improve the functioning of the List.

All entities from the Eurobozon list that appear multiple times on other lists of foreign entries are published by the number of occurrences. The number of occurrences is given in the Eurobozon Number of warnings column.